1 2 3 rule (ovary)

ovarian cyst

1-2-3 Rule (Ovary) The 1-2-3 rule is a simple aide-mémoire that describes the nomenclature of any small simple anechoic structure in the ovary on ultrasound: <1 cm = follicle 1-2 cm = dominant follicle >3 = cyst Dominant Follicle Simple cyst

Brain metastases


Brain metastases Procedure: MRI brain Brain metastases are a medical condition in which cancer cells spread from the original site to the brain. In approx. 15 % of the people suffering from cancer or having a history of cancer, brain metastases represent the most common neurologic manifestation of cancer. Prominently those with lung cancer, breast […]

Finding- pituitary adenoma


Finding- pituitary adenoma Pituitary adenomas are tumors that develop in the pituitary gland.  Etiology: Unknown. Clinical presentation: hormonal imbalances, visual disturbances. Microadenomas – less than 10mm Macroadenomas -greater than 10mm MRI appearance:T1: HypointenseT2: Unpredictable variable signalT1 contrast enhanced: Hyperintense T1 SAGITTAL PRE-CONTRAST T1 CORONAL PRE-CONTRAST T2 CORONAL T1 SAGITTAL POST CONTRAST T1 CORONAL POST CONTRAST […]

Osteoporosis in knee

X-Ray B/L knee

X-Ray B/L knee X-Ray B/L knee Finding: Osteoporosis in knee know more about osteoporosis CLICK HERE

Chest wall mass

Chest wall mass

Patient details- 14Years /Male Procedure- X-ray chest PA Finding- Chest wall mass

Acute pulmonary embolism

Acute pulmonary embolism

Source by rsnagram Patient details: 68 Years / Male CT scan was performed 10 days after onset of COVID-19 symptoms. Findings: Acute pulmonary embolism associated with COVID-19 pneumonia detected by pulmonary CT angiography. Axial CT images (lung windows) (a, b) show peripheral ground-glass opacities (arrow) associated with areas of consolidation independent portions of the lung […]

X-ray: Chest PA view/ lateral view

Chest Xray

X-ray: Image 1 Chest PA view Image 2 Chest lateral view Complain of pain, difficulty in breathing. Diagnosis: osteosarcoma show innumerable osseous metastases throughout both lungs.

X-ray: Chesh PA view

Chest Xray

X-ray: Chesh PA view Complain of fever, cough and diffculty in breathing. Diagnosis: Suspecious Covid-19