COVID 19 CT Scan

COVID 19 CT Scan Ct scan of a male patient age 57Bilateral lung infection.Follow up case of Covid 19.

Glioma brain tumor case


Case contributed by: Tuğba- Radiology Technologist Patient details: Age: 70/Male Patient came with a complaint of seizure admitted to emergency department, previously he had some symptoms such as headache and forgetfulness. Diagnosis: Glioma in frontal lobe. Learn more about glioma.

Foreign body, HSG procedure

The foreign body

Case contributed by: Tuğba- Radiology Technologist Case detail: Patient came for an HSG examination. But she had another complaint that she had a severe pain in abdomen for 16 years.   Diagnosis: The foreign body appears during HSG examination. It was removed by surgery. Patient swalloed a needle in her childhood that appears during HSG […]