A-Z Medical Abbreviations


A- accommodation; acetum; angström unit; anode; anterior
a- artery
a- before
A2- aortic second sound
aa- of each; arteries
AAA- abdominal aortic aneurysm
abd- abdominal/abdomen
ABG- arterial blood gas
ABI- ankle-brachial index
ABO- three basic blood groups
AC- adrenal cortex; air conduction; alternating current; axiocervical
a.c., ac- before a meal
acc.- accommodation
A/CA- accommodative/convergence accommodation ratio
ACE- angiotensin-converting enzyme
Ach- acetylcholine
AChE- acetylcholinesterase
AChR- acetylcholine receptor
ACLS- advanced cardiac life support
ACTH- adrenocorticotropic hormone
AD- advance directive
ad- to; up to
ADH- antidiuretic hormone
ADHD- attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder
ADL, ADLs- activities of daily living
ad lib.- freely; as desired
admov.- apply
ad sat.- to saturation
AED- antiepileptic drug
AF- atrial fibrillation
AFB- acid-fast bacillus
AFP- alpha-fetoprotein
A/G; A-G ratio- albumin/globulin ratio
Ag- silver; antigen
AGC- atypical glandular cells
AgNO3– silver nitrate
ah- hypermetropic astigmatism
AHF- antihemophilic factor
AI- aortic incompetence; aortic insufficiency
AICD- automatic implantable cardiac defibrillator
AIDS- acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AK- above the knee
Al- aluminum
Alb- albumin
ALL- acute lymphocytic leukemia
ALP- alkaline phosphatase
ALS- amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
ALT- alanine aminotransferase
alt. dieb.- every other day
alt. hor.- every other hour
alt. noc.- every other night
AM- morning
Am- mixed astigmatism
a.m.a.- against medical advice
AMI- acute myocardial infarction
AML- acute myelogenous (myeloblastic) leukemia
AMLS- Advanced Medical Life Support
amp- ampule; amputation
ANA- antinuclear antibody
anat- anatomy or anatomic
ANNA- anti-neuronal nuclear antibody
ANP- atrial natriuretic peptide
ant.- anterior
anti-CCP- anticyclic citrullinated peptide
Ao.- aorta
A-P- anterior-posterior
A&P- auscultation and percussion
ap- before dinner
APAP- acetaminophen
aPTT- activated partial thromboplastin
AQ, aq- water
aq. dest.- distilled water
aq. frig.- cold water
ARC- AIDS-related complex
ARDS- acute respiratory distress syndrome
ARMD- age-related macular degeneration
AS- ankylosing spondylitis; aortic stenosis; auris sinistra (left ear)
As.- astigmatism
ASA- acetylsalicylic acid
ASC- atypical squamous cells
asc.- ascending
ASCA- anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae antibody
ASC-US- atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance
ASCVD- atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease
ASD- atrial septal defect
AsH- hypermetropic astigmatism
AsM- myopic astigmatism
AST- aspartate aminotransferase
Ast- astigmatism
ATCC- American Type Culture Collection
at. wt.- atomic weight
Au- gold
A-V; AV; A/V- arteriovenous; atrioventricular
av.- avoirdupois
AVM- arteriovenous malformation
AVP- arginine vasopressin


B- boron; bacillus
Ba- barium
BAC- blood alcohol concentration
BBB- blood-brain barrier; bundle branch block
BBT- basal body temperature
BCG- bacille Calmette-Guérin
BCLS- basic cardiac life support
BCP- birth control pills
BD- Buerger disease
BE- barium enema
Be- beryllium
BHS- beta-hemolytic streptococci
Bi- bismuth
b.- bone
bib.- drink
b.i.d., bid- twice a day
b.i.n.- twice a night
bipap- bilevel positive airway pressure
BK- below the knee
BLS- basic life support
BM- bowel movement
BMI- body mass index
BMR- basal metabolic rate
BMS- bone marrow suppression
BMT- bone marrow transplantation
BNP- brain natriuretic peptide
bol.- pill
BP- blood pressure
B.P.- British Pharmacopeia
BPH- benign prostatic hyperplasia
bpm- beats per minute
BRM- biologic response modifier
BROW- barley, rye, oats, and wheat
BSA- body surface area
BSE- breast self-examination
BUN- blood urea nitrogen
BW- birth weight; body weight
Bx- biopsy


C- Calorie (kilocalorie); Celsius
c- calorie (small calorie)
c- with
CA- coronary artery
ca.- about; approximately; cancer
CABG- coronary artery bypass graft
CaCO3 – calcium carbonate
CAD- coronary artery disease
CAH- chronic active hepatitis
Cal- large calorie
CAP- let (the patient) take
cap.- capsule
C&S- culture and sensitivity
cath- catheter
CBC- complete blood count
CBI- continuous bladder irrigation
CBRNE- chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive agents
CBT- cognitive behavioral therapy
CC- chief complaint
cc- cubic centimeter
CCl 4 – carbon tetrachloride
CCU- coronary care unit; critical care unit
CD4 T- helper cells
CD8- cytotoxic cells
CDC- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CEA- carcinoembryonic antigen
CF- cystic fibrosis; Christmas factor
CFTR- cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator
cg- centigram
CHD- congenital heart disease; coronary heart disease
ChE- cholinesterase
CHF- congestive heart failure
CI- cardiac index
Ci- curie
CIN- cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
CIS- carcinoma in situ
CK- creatine kinase
CK-MB- serum creatine kinase, myocardial-bound
Cl- chlorine
CLL- chronic lymphocytic leukemia
cm- centimeter
c.m.s.- to be taken tomorrow morning
CMT- certified medication technician
CMV- cytomegalovirus
c.n.- tomorrow night
CNS- central nervous system
c.n.s.- to be taken tomorrow night
CO- carbon monoxide; cardiac output
CO2 – carbon dioxide
Co- cobalt
c/o- complains of
COLD- chronic obstructive lung disease
comp.- compound; compounded of
COMT- catechol-O-methyltransferase
COPD- chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
COX-2- cyclooxygenase 2 inhibitors
CP- cerebral palsy; cleft palate
CPAP- continuous positive airway pressure
CPC- clinicopathologic conference
CPD- cephalopelvic disproportion
CPHSS- Cincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale
CPK- creatine phosphokinase
CPM- continuous passive motion
CPR- cardiopulmonary resuscitation
CR- conditioned reflex; controlled release; crown-rump length
CREST- calcinosis, Raynaud phenomenon, esophageal dysfunction, sclerodactyly, telangiectasia (cluster of features of systemic sclerosis scleroderma)
CRP- c. reactive protein
CRS-R- Conners Rating Scales-Revised
CS- cardiogenic shock; cesarean section; culture and sensitivity
CSF- cerebrospinal fluid; colony-stimulating factor
CSH- combat support hospital
CT- computed/computerized tomography
Cu- copper
CV- cardiovascular
CVA- cardiovascular accident; cerebrovascular accident; costovertebral angle
CVC- central venous catheter
CVP- central venous pressure
CVRB- critical value read back
CVS- chorionic villi sampling
CXR- chest x-ray


D- diopter; dose
D5/0.9 NaCl 5%- dextrose and normal saline solution (0.9% NaCl)
D5/½ /NS 5% – dextrose and half-normal saline solution (0.45% NaCl)
D5W 5%- dextrose in water
d- density; right
/d- per day
D and C- dilatation and curettage
dB- decibel
DBP- diastolic blood pressure
DC- direct current; doctor of chiropractic
dc- discontinue
Derm- dermatology
det.- let it be given
DEXA- dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry
DFV- Doppler flow velocimetry
DHT- dihydrotestosterone
DI- diabetes insipidus
DIC- disseminated intravascular coagulation
dieb. alt.- every other day
dieb. tert.- every third day
dil.- dilute; diluted
dim.- halved
DISIDA (scan)- diisopropyl iminodiacetic acid (cholescintigraphy)
DJD- degenerative joint disease
DKA- diabetic ketoacidosis
dL- deciliter
DM- diabetes mellitus
DMARD- disease-modulating antirheumatic drug
DNA- deoxyribonucleic acid
DNH- do not hospitalize
DNR- do not resuscitate
DOA- dead on arrival
DOB- date of birth
DOE- dyspnea on exertion
DPat- diphtheria-acellular pertussis tetanus (vaccine)
DPT- diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus (vaccine)
dr.- dram
DRE- digital rectal examination
DRG- diagnosis-related group
DSM-IV-TR- Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition, Text Revision
DTR- deep tendon reflex(es)
DTs- delirium tremens
dur. Dolor- while pain lasts
DVT- deep vein thrombosis
Dx- diagnosis
D5W- dextrose 5% in water
DWI- driving while intoxicated


E- eye; Escherichia
EBV- Epstein-Barr virus
ECF- extended care facility; extracellular fluid
ECG- electrocardiogram, electrocardiograph
ECHO- echocardiography
ECMO- extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
ECT- electroconvulsive therapy
ED- emergency department; effective dose; erythema dose; erectile dysfunction
EDD- estimated date of delivery (formerly EDC: estimated date of confinement)
EEG- electroencephalogram
EENT- eye, ear, nose, and throat
EF- ejection fraction
EGD- esophagogastroduodenoscopy
EIA- enzyme immunosorbent assay
EKG- electrocardiogram; electrocardiograph
ELISA- enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
elix.- elixir
Em- emmetropia
EMA-IgA- immunoglobulin A antiendomysial
EMG- electromyogram, electromyography
EMS- emergency medical service
Endo- endocrine
ENT- ear, nose, and throat
EOM- extraocular muscles
EP- extrapyramidal
EPS- extrapyramidal symptoms
ER- Emergency Room, extended-release
ERCP- endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
ESR- erythrocyte sedimentation rate
ESRD- end-stage renal disease
EST- electroshock therapy
ESWL- extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
ET-1- endothelin-1
ETOH, EtOH- ethyl alcohol
ext.- extensor; external


F- Fahrenheit
f- female
FA- fatty acid
F and E- fluid and electrolyte
FAP- familial adenomatous polyposis
FBS- fasting blood sugar
FD- fatal dose; focal distance
FDA- (U.S.) Food and Drug Administration
Fe- iron
FEV- forced expiratory volume
FFP- fresh frozen plasma
FHT- fetal heart tone
FISH- fluorescence in situ hybridization
fl.- flexor
Fld- fluid
FP- family practice; family practitioner
FSH- follicle-stimulating hormone
FTT- failure to thrive
FUO- fever of unknown origin


G, g, gm- gram
GABA- gamma-aminobutyric acid
GABAB – gamma-aminobutyric acid type B
GABRB3- GABAA receptor gene
garg- gargle
GB- gallbladder; Guillain-Barré
GC- gonococcus or gonorrheal
GDM- gestational diabetes mellitus
GDS- Geriatric Depression Scale
GERD- gastroesophageal reflux disease
GFR- glomerular filtration rate
GGT- gamma-glutamyl transferase
GH- growth hormone
GI- gastrointestinal
GnRH- gonadotropin-releasing hormone
GP- general practitioner
G6PD- glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase
gr- grain
grad- by degrees
GRAS- generally recognized as safe
GSW- gunshot wound
GTT- glucose tolerance test
Gtt, gtt- drops
GU- genitourinary
guttat.- drop by drop
GVHD- graft-versus-host disease
GYN- gynecology


H- hydrogen
H+ – hydrogen ion
h, hr- hour
H&H- hematocrit and hemoglobin
H1N1- hemagglutinin type 1 and neuraminidase type 1
H2 – histamine 2
HAART- highly active antiretroviral therapy
HAV- hepatitis A virus
HBV- hepatitis B virus
HCG- human chorionic gonadotropin
HCP- health care professional
HCT, Hct- hematocrit
HCV- hepatitis C virus
HD- hearing distance
HDL- high-density lipoprotein
HDV- hepatitis D
HEENT- head, eye, ear, nose, and throat
HELLP- hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelets
HEPA- high-efficiency particulate air
HER2- human EGF (epidermal growth factor) receptor 2
HEV- hepatitis E
HF- heart failure
Hg- mercury
hgb- hemoglobin
HGSIL- high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion
Hib- Haemophilus influenzae type B
HIDA- hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid (cholescintigraphy)
HIV- human immunodeficiency virus
HLA- human leukocyteantigen
h/o- history of
HOB- head of bed
H2O- water
H2O2 – hydrogen peroxide
hor. decub.- bedtime
hor. som, h.s.- bedtime
HPI- history of present illness
HPV- human papillomavirus
HR- heart rate
HRT- hormone replacement therapy
HSIL- high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion
HSV- herpes simplex virus
HTLV-III- human T lymphotropic virus type III
HTN- hypertension
hx, Hx- history
Hy- hyperopia
Hz- hertz (cycles per second)


I – iodine
131I-  radioactive isotope of iodine (atomic weight 131)
132I – radioactive isotope of iodine (atomic weight 132)
I&O-  intake and output
IBW- ideal body weight
IC- inspiratory capacity
ICD- implantable cardioverter defibrillator
ICP-  intracranial pressure
ICS- intercostal space
ICSH- interstitial cell-stimulating hormone
ICU- intensive care unit
Id.-  the same
IDDM- insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
IDM- infants of diabetic mothers
IED- improvised explosive device
Ig- immunoglobulin
IgE- immunoglobulin E
IgG- immunoglobulin G
IL-1- interleukin 1
IL-8 – interleukin 8
IM- intramuscular
in d.- daily
INF- interferon
inf.- inferior
inj.- injection
INR- international normalized ratio
instill.- instillation
int.- internal
IOP- intraocular pressure
IPPB- intermittent positive pressure breathing
IQ- intelligence quotient
IRV- inspiratory reserve volume
I.U. a – international unit
IUCD- intrauterine contraceptive device
IUD- intrauterine device
IUFD- intrauterine fetal death
IV- intravenous
IVP- intravenous pyelogram


J-  joule
JNC 7- The Seventh Report of the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure
JRA- juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
jt.- joint


K- potassium
kg- kilogram
KI- potassium iodine
KOH- potassium hydroxide
KS- Kaposi sarcoma
KUB- kidney, ureter, and bladder
kv- kilovolt
KVO- keep vein open


L-  liter
L&D- labor and delivery
lab- laboratory
lat- lateral
lb- pound
LBW- low birth weight
LD50 – lethal dose, median
LDH- lactate dehydrogenase
LDL- low-density lipoprotein
LE- lower extremity; lupus erythematosus
LEEP- loop electrosurgical excision procedure
LFT- liver function test
LGA- large for gestational age
LH- luteinizing hormone
Li- lithium
lig- ligament
liq.- liquid; fluid
LLE- left lower extremity
LLL- left lower lobe
LLQ- left lower quadrant
lmp- last menstrual period
LOC- level/loss of consciousness
LP- lumbar puncture
LR- lactated Ringer (solution)
LSIL- low-grade squamous epithelial lesion
LTD- lowest tolerated dose
LUE- left upper extremity
LUL- left upper lobe
LUQ- left upper quadrant
LV- left ventricle
LVAD- left ventricular assist device
LVH- left ventricular hypertrophy


M- master; medicine; molar; thousand; muscle
m- male; meter; minim; mole; meta; muscle
MA- mental age
MAO-B- monoamine oxidase-B
man. prim.- first thing in the morning
MAP- mean arterial pressure
MAT- Miller Analogies Test
MBD- minimal brain dysfunction
mc; mCi- millicurie
mcg- microgram
MCH- mean corpuscular hemoglobin
MCHC- mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration
MCV- mean corpuscular volume
MD- muscular dystrophy
MDI- metered-dose inhaler
MED- minimum effective dose
med- medial
MELD- Model for End-Stage Liver Disease
µEq- microequivalent
mEq- milliequivalent
mEq/L- milliequivalent per liter
ME ratio- myeloid/erythroid ratio
MG- myasthenia gravis
Mg- magnesium
MgSO4 – magnesium sulfate
µg-  microgram
mg-  milligram
MI-  myocardial infarction
MID- minimum infective dose
mist.- a mixture
ml- milliliter
MLD- minimum lethal dose
MLF- medial longitudinal fasciculus
MM- mucous membrane; multiple myeloma
mm- millimeter
mm Hg- millimeters of mercury
mMol- millimole
MMR- measles-mumps-rubella (vaccine)
MMSE- Mini-Mental Status Examination
Mn- manganese
mol wt- molecular weight
mor. dict.- as directed
mor. sol.- as accustomed
MPC- maximum permitted concentration
MPN- most probable number
mr- milliroentgen
MRA- magnetic resonance angiography
MRgFUS- MR-guided focused ultrasound surgery
MRI- magnetic resonance imaging
MS- mitral stenosis; multiple sclerosis
MV- mitral valve
mV- millivolt
MVA- motor vehicle accident
MW- molecular weight
My- myopia


N- nitrogen
n- nerve
N/A- not applicable
Na- sodium
NAA- nucleic acid amplification
NAD- no acute distress
n.b.- note well
nCi-  nanocurie
NDC- National Drug Code
NG, ng- nasogastric
NGT- nasogastric tube
NH3 – ammonia
Ni-  nickel
NICU- neonatal intensive care unit
NIDDM-  noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
NIH-  National Institutes of Health
NK-  natural killer
NKA-  no known allergies
NMDA-  N-methyl D-aspartate
NMJ-  neuromuscular junction
NMS-  neuroleptic malignant syndrome
nn-  nerves
noct.-  in the night
noct. maneq.- night and morning
non rep; n.r.-  do not repeat
NPN- nonprotein nitrogen
NPO; n.p.o.- nothing by mouth
NRC- normal retinal correspondence
NS- normal saline
NSAID- nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
NSR- normal sinus rhythm
N&V, N/V- nausea and vomiting


O- pint
O2 – oxygen
OB- obstetrics
OC-  oral contraceptive
OCD- obsessive-compulsive disorder
O.D.-  right eye
ol.- oil
om. mane vel noc.- every morning or night
omn. hor.-  every hour
omn. noct.-  every night
OmPC- outer membrane porin C
OOB- out of bed
OPD- outpatient department
OR- operating room
ORIF- open reduction with/and internal fixation
O.S.-  left eye
OSHA- Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OT- occupational therapy
OTC- over-the-counter
OU- each eye
oz- ounce


P, p- melting point
p- after
P2 – pulmonic second sound
P-A; PA; pa- placenta abruption; posteroanterior; pulmonary artery
PABA- para-aminobenzoic acid (vitamin B10)
Paco2 – partial pressure of carbon dioxide in alveolar gas
PACU-  postanesthesia care unit
PAD- peripheral arterial disease
PALS- pediatric advanced life support
P-ANCA- perinuclear antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody
PAO 2 – alveolar oxygen partial pressure
Pap, Pap test- Papanicolaou smear
part. vic – in divided doses
Pb- lead
PBI- protein-bound iodine
p.c.- after meals
PCA- patient-controlled analgesia
Pco 2 – carbon dioxide pressure
PCOS – polycystic ovarian syndrome
PCP – Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia; primary care physician; primary care provider
PCR-  polymerase chain reaction
PCWP-  pulmonary capillary wedge pressure
PD-  interpupillary distance; Parkinson disease; peritoneal dialysis
pd- prism diopter; pupillary distance
PDA-  patent ductus arteriosus
PDR – Physicians’ Desk Reference
PE-  physical examination; pulmonary embolism
PEEP-  positive end expiratory pressure
PEFR- peak expiratory flow rate
PEG – percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy
per-  through or by
PERRLA-  pupils equal, regular, react to light and accommodation
PET-  positron emission tomography
PFP, P4P- pay for performance
PFT- pulmonary function test
pH- hydrogen ion concentration
Pharm; Phar.- pharmacy
PI- present illness; previous illness
PICC – peripherally inserted central catheter
PID- pelvic inflammatory disease
PIH-  pregnancy-induced hypertension
pil.- pill
PIP- proximal interphalangeal
PIPDA (scan)- 99mTc-para-isopropylacetanilido-iminodiaacetic acid (cholescintigraphy)
PKU- phenylketonuria
PM- afternoon/evening
PMH- past medical history
PMI- point of maximal impulse
PMN- polymorphonuclear neutrophil leukocytes
PMS- premenstrual syndrome
PND- paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea
PNH- paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
PNS- peripheral nervous system
PO; p.o.- orally
POLST- physician orders for life-sustaining therapy
post.- posterior
PP- placenta previa
PPD- purified protein derivative (TB test)
ppm- parts per million
p.r. – through the rectum
PRBCs- packed red blood cells
p.r.n. – as needed
pro time/PT- prothrombin time
PSA- prostate-specific antigen
PSV- prostate-specific antigen
PT- prothrombin time; physical therapy
Pt- platinum; patient
pt- pint
PTT- partial thromboplastin time
Pu- plutonium
PUBS- percutaneous umbilical blood sampling
PUVA- psoralen ultraviolet A
p.v. – through the vagina
PVC- premature ventricular contraction
PVR-  peripheral vascular resistance


q-  every
q.d. – every day
QFT-G-  QuantiFERON-TB Gold
q.h.- every hour
q.2h.- every 2 hours
q.3h. – every 3 hours
q.4h. – every 4 hours
q.i.d. a – four times a day
q.l. – as much as wanted
qns – quantity not sufficient
q.o.d. a – every other day
q.p. – as much as desired
q.s. – as much as needed
qt – quart
q.v.- as much as you please


RA – rheumatoid arthritis
Ra – radium
rad – radiation absorbed dose
RAI – radioactive iodine
RAIU – radioactive iodine uptake
RBC – red blood cell; red blood count
RD-  Raynaud disease
RDA-  recommended daily/dietary allowance
RDS – respiratory distress syndrome
RE – right eye
Re – rhenium
REM – rapid eye movement
RF – rheumatoid factor
RFT – renal function test
Rh – rhesus factor; rhodium
RHD – rheumatic heart disease
RLE – right lower extremity
RLL – right lower lobe
RLQ –  right lower quadrant
RML – right middle lobe of lung
Rn – radon
RNA – ribonucleic acid
R/O – rule out
ROM – range of motion
ROS – review of systems
RPM- revolutions per minute
RQ – respiratory quotient
RR – recovery room; respiratory rate
RSV – respiratory syncytial virus
RT – radiation therapy; respiratory therapy
R/T – related to
RUE-  right upper extremity
RUL – right upper lobe
RUQ – right upper quadrant


S – mark
s – without
S. – sacral
S-A; S/A; SA – sinoatrial
SAD- seasonal affective disorder
SARS- severe acute respiratory syndrome
SB – small bowel
Sb – antimony
SBP – systolic blood pressure
SC, sc, s.c.- subcutaneous(ly)
SCI – spinal cord injury
S.D. –  standard deviation
SDAT- senile dementia of the Alzheimer type
S.E. – standard error
Se – selenium
Sed rate – sedimentation rate
semih.- half an hour
SERM – selective estrogen receptor modulator
SGA – small for gestational age
SI – international system of units
Si – silicon
SIADH – syndrome of inappropriate diuretic hormone
SIDS – sudden infant death syndrome
Sig. – write on label
SJS – Stevens-Johnson syndrome
SLE – systemic lupus erythematosus
SLP – speech-language pathology
Sn – tin
SNF- skilled nursing facility
SNRI- serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor
SNS- sympathetic nervous system
SOB- shortness of breath
sol – solution, dissolved
s.o.s.- if necessary
S/P- no change after
SPECT- single-photon emission computed tomography
sp gr – specific gravity
SPF – skin protection factor
sph – spherical
spt. – spirit
s.q. – subcutaneous(ly)
Sr – strontium
ss-  a half
SSRI-  selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
SSS – sick sinus syndrome
st. – let it/them stand
Staph- Staphylococcus
stat. – immediately
STD – sexually transmitted disease
Strep-  Streptococcus
STS – serologic test for syphilis
STU – skin test unit
sup. – superior
supf. – superficial
SV – stroke volume; supraventricular
SVC-  superior vena cava
Sx – symptoms
syr.- syrup


T – temperature
T3 -triiodothyronine
T4 – tetraiodothyronine; thyroxine
T6 – thoracic nerve pair 6
TA – toxin-antitoxin
Ta – tantalum
T&A-  tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
TAH – total abdominal hysterectomy
TAT – thematic apperception test
T.A.T.-  toxin-antitoxin
TB – tuberculin; tuberculosis; tubercle bacillus
Tb-  terbium
t.d.s. – to be taken three times daily
Te – tellurium; tetanus
TEE – transesophageal echocardiogram
TEN – toxic epidermal necrolysis
TENS – transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
TG – thyroglobulin
Th – thorium
THR – total hip replacement
TIA – transient ischemic attack
TIBC – total iron-binding capacity
t.i.d. – three times a day
t.i.n. – three times a night
tinct., tr – tincture
TKR – total knee replacement
Tl – thallium
TLC, tlc – tender loving care; thin layer chromatography; total lung capacity
TM – tympanic membrane
TMJ – temporomandibular joint

TMT- Thermo mechanical treatment
TN – trigeminal nerve
TNF – tumor necrosis factor
TNF-I –  tumor necrosis factor inhibitor
TNF-α – tumor necrosis factor alpha
TNM – tumor-node-metastasis
TNT – trinitrotoluene
TNTM – too numerous to mention
top.-  topically
TORB- telephone order read back
TPI – Treponema pallidum immobilization test for syphilis
TPN – total parenteral nutrition
TPO – thyroid peroxidase
TPR – temperature, pulse, and respiration
tr, tinct. – tincture
TRAP criteria – tremor, rigidity, akinesia or postural instablity bradykinesia, and postural instability
Treg – regulatory T cell
trit. – triturate, grind
TSD – time since death
TSE – testicular self-examination
TSH – thyroid-stimulating hormone
tTG – antitransglutaminase
TUMA – transurethral microwave antenna
TUR – transurethral resection
TURP – transurethral resection of the prostate
Tx – treatment


a – uranium; unit a
UA – urinalysis
UC – ulcerative colitis
UE – upper extremity
UHF – ultrahigh frequency
ult. praes. – the last ordered
Umb; umb – umbilicus
ung. – ointment
URI – upper respiratory infection
US – ultrasonic, ultrasound
USAN – United States Adopted Name
USP – United States Pharmacopeia
ut. dict. – as directed
UTI – urinary tract infection
UV – ultraviolet


v – vein
VA – visual acuity
VC – vital capacity
VD – venereal disease
VDRL – Venereal Disease Research Laboratories
VF – ventricular fibrillation
Vf – field of vision
VLBW – very low birth weight
VLDL – very low density lipoprotein
VMA – vanillylmandelic acid
VOE – VistA-Office Electronic Health Record
vol. – volume
vol % – volume percent
VORB – verbal order read back
V/Q – ventilation/perfusion
VS – volumetric solution; vesicular sound; vital signs
VSD – ventricular septal defect
VT – ventricular tachycardia
vv – veins
VZIG – varicella zoster immune globulin


W – tungsten
w – watt
WAIS – Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
WAP – written action plan
WBC – white blood cell; white blood count
WDWN – well-developed, well-nourished
WF/BF – white female/black female
WH – well-hydrated
WM/BM – white male/black male
WN – well-nourished
WNL – within normal limits
wt.-  weight
w/v.- weight in volume
x- multiplied by


y – yocto-
yo – years old
yr – year


Z – atomic number
Zn – zinc